Class Descriptions

CIMG1618For the Introductory Training Class you will learn the basic kettlebell exercises, such as the dead lift, swing, clean and press and squat.  These will allow you to join in the group classes with better ease.   Email Gretchen or call 507-271-2210 to arrange a class.

The FMS or Functional Movement Screen is a tool used at Forza! to determine how well your body is moving.  This helps us gauge which exercises are safe for you at this time as well as determine what exercises would be helpful in correcting any imbalances that are revealed during the screen.  It takes less than 15 minutes and is free.  Contact Gretchen to schedule an FMS prior to starting classes at Forza!, or to be retested if you’ve already been screened and want to check your progress.

In Strength and Conditioning classes you will use kettlebells, TRX resistance bands,0 TRX rip trainers, battling ropes, body weight exercises and now — a Northfield exclusive — Surfset Fitness Boards to develop strength and flexibility while getting in a great cardio workout.  The last 15-20 minutes of class is Resistance Stretching.

In Steady Strength classes you will use the same training modalities as in the Strength and Conditioning classes, but we will take things a little more slowly with less intensity.  This is a great class for those who are just getting started or are getting back to exercising after a break.

The Forza! Blast classes are shortened, high intensity workouts.  Classes run for 1/2 hour only and allow for less rest. Get in, get the work done, get out.

The Resets portion of classes run for 15 minutes of individualized resets based on your current needs at the beginning of the hour and end with up to 15 minutes of crawling after the workout — the best way to get and keep your body moving and functioning the way it should.

Private Sessions are one-on-one classes where you can focus on the areas that are of most concern to you.  Email Gretchen or call 507-271-2210 to arrange a time.

For help with Nutrition, Forza! offers private 1 hr sessions for nutrition advise to meet your fitness or physique goals, or longer term, one-on-one programs with a personalized plan and bi-monthly check-ins.   Please email Gretchen or call 507-271-2210 to discuss your options and cost.