Exercise and Metabolism

Great article on the web today:  Is Your Workout a Metabolism Killer? The author lists three mistakes people make with their workouts and corrective strategies for those mistakes.  The first is don’t get in a rut with your exercise.  The second is believing that cardio work is all you need.  The third is only working out in your “fat-burning zone”.  If all you do is your treadmill you could be making all three of these mistakes.  All of this is great advise and those of you working out at Forza! have been doing recomended interval and weight resistance training as well as keeping bodies from getting too used to any given activity.  The one caveat that I would add from my experience is that, even though I also recommend interval training and in my classes we are always working against resistance, whether with a kettlebell or our bodies, for some of us, it is still important not to work out too intensely if fat burning is your goal.  The reason I say this is that if you work out so hard that your appetite increases and you consume extra calories after your workout, you will be exercising to maintain weight, not to lose weight.  So, pay attention to your body.  Notice your appetite after different types of workouts.  And, as with everything in life it seems, moderation is the key!

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TRX and RKC teaming up!

Check out the new DVD combining TRX and kettlebells.  We’ve been using both since January and I’ve always thought they make a great combination, so I’m happy to see that these two companies, Fitness Anywhere (TRX) and Dragon Door (RKC) agree with me.  For a preview, just click on the picture here and it will take you to the Fitness Anywhere Site.  They are offering 20% off this DVD until July 25th.

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