Continuing Ed

Minneapolis 2.28The last few weeks have been busy for us at Forza! with continuing education classes. Dean completed a TRX Group Training Certification course (way to go Dean!) and  I spent two of my weekends learning new things to share at Forza!   The first was a two day course put on by the US Track & Field Assoc. on Strength and Conditioning for Track & Field.  Although most of my clients are not training to compete, the workshop still provided some interesting information that can be applied to my classes at Forza! as well as the high school athletes I work with individually.  I’ve incorporated a few of these into my classes already.  The second weekend was spent with the Original Strength team for a Level II OS workshop on using OS for assessment.  All the resets we do in class come from the Level I OS courses I have taken in the past.  This two day workshop was also really valuable to me and you can thank OS for all the anterior neck work we are currently doing in class.  I also made some connections with people that will result in future opportunities to improve movement in my clients, especially those with scars which can hamper movement in ways we sometimes don’t consider.  There will be more to come on that in the fall.  11017843_847826158610832_6865855936542536577_n

I always feel rejuvenated after working with so many great people out there who are all doing things to help people move and feel better.  Thanks for letting me work with you to help you to move and feel better.