Resistance Stretching

resistance-stretching2Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is the revolutionary technique that utilizes a person’s own resistance in the strengthening and elongating of muscles. It can be performed alone using self-stretches or with one or two others using assisted stretching techniques.


Traditional methods of stretching rely on the the principle that muscles become more flexible simply by elongating the muscle, holding the stretch for a period of time, and breathing into the stretch.  The flexibility gains from this type of stretching are minimal and what little results you get require a great deal of time and pain to achieve.

resistance-stretching3The discovery behind Resistance Stretching is that to truly stretch a muscle, you must CONTRACT the muscles throughout the entire range.  This makes complete sense when you think about the fact that we don’t rely on static holds to strengthen muscles, so why should we to stretch muscles.

Resistance Stretching combines strength training and flexibility training.  To strengthen a muscle you start where the muscle is as long as possible, contract the muscle and take it to where it is as short as possible.  To Resistance Stretch this muscle you would do the opposite.  Start where the muscle is as short as possible and contract the muscle while you take it to where it is as long as possible.


Resistance Stretching:

  • offers immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility
  • takes the pain out of stretching
  • protects one from injuring themselves by over-stretching
  • results in gains in both strength and aerobic capacity
  • improves performance accuracy
  • creates more powerful, explosive, and core stable movements

resistance-stretching1Increases in flexibility through Resistance Stretching also result in:

  • corrective realignment of bone rotational interrelationships
  • removing chronic joint stress
  • re-establishing optimal bio-mechanical efficiency

Resistance Stretching is the missing link in preventive medicine as it:

  • takes a proactive role in targeting specific areas of potential injury
  • removes chronic injuries
  • upgrades kinetic bio-mechanics with concomitant improvement in physiological and psychological health

Bennett’s Experiment

When my son was in 7th Grade, he used Resistance Stretching in a science experiment for school.  He has a baseball that records throwing speed and gathered data on 10 throws before Resistance Stretching.  Over the next two weeks I stretched him several times and he performed the self stretches using the Resistance Stretching DVD.  On the final day of the experiment, I stretched him one last time and he then went out and threw again for his final data of 10 throws.  He had an increase of 21% in his throwing speed.  Pretty remarkable!

For More Information on Resistance Stretching

ibs-logoTo learn more about Resistance Stretching or to order Flashcards or the DVD (featuring Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres) for self stretches, please visit Innovative Body Solutions.


Self stretches are taught as part of the regular class.  Assisted stretching is by appointment only.  Please contact us for times and prices.