Restore Your Core – New class at Forza!

DSC03608“In the beginning, you were created perfectly.  When you were born, your brain had a movement template that was ‘hard wired’ into yourself, and your body was a blank slate ready and willing to grow with perfect strength and mobility.  You spent your infant and toddler years learning how to move, building strength and completely integrating your whole body.  You glued everything about yourself together:  your nervous system, vestibular system, visual system, muscular system, proprioceptive system, digestive system – every system you have, you integrated them together.”   This is a quote from Original Strength by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert.

As you know, I hosted an Original Strength workshop in June with Tim and Geoff.    Here is what one attendee of the workshop had to say about her experience:

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“The Original Strength workshop was transformational.  I knew from Gretchen’s previous teaching that resets were effective, but I had no idea that several hours of practice would change my body even more quickly. My squats were a little bit deeper each time I did a reset.  Plus, when I went to get a massage from someone who’s worked on me for a couple of years, she said she was amazed at the change—that my muscle release was so different, it was a “wow” moment. It’s thrilling, to say the least! I could go on—the breathing resets that released tension in my ankles and toes, the head nods that lengthen my neck…”



Since not everyone who was interested in could attend, I am offering a new 4 week class at Forza! called Restore Your Core, based on the resets from the book and workshop.  For this first time through, rather than have a full day or even half a day workshop, I’ll be breaking the resets into 4 1-hour long class sessions.  These sessions will be on Wednesdays starting July 31 at either 11:00 am or 6:30 pm.  The cost of the classes are $20 per session or $75 if you pay for all 4 at once.

For the 11:00 session, there will be onsite childcare available for a fee of $3 for the 1st child and $2 for each additional child.

I encourage people come to either time and to come to as many of the 4 weeks as works with busy summer schedules.   If you haven’t ever been to a class at Forza!, this would be a great way to get started. Everyone can and should do these!  I worked with my father this summer and got him doing resets and he has had both a hip and a knee replaced.  If you are already in great shape, these resets can make you even stronger and more resilient so you can go harder, longer and farther with your training.

Please email me at or call 507-271-2210 to register.  I hope to see you there.