Original Strength Workshop A Great Success

The Original Strength Workshop at Forza! on June 22 and 23 was a great success.  We had about 25 people attending for the first day and over 2/3rd’s came back for day 2.  I attended my first workshop with Geoff Neupert and Tim Anderson back in November and found the material to be just as valuable the second time around.  Geoff and Tim do such a good job explaining how we get ourselves into the poor conditions we get into and took the time to really help people discover the best way for them to get back what they’ve lost.

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Many of the participants found themselves able to do things they had never before been able to do.  Personally, I was able to do a bodyweight pistol (a single-leg squat with no kettlebell for counterbalance) which I’ve never come close to doing in the past.  I am also now able to lay on my back with my arms at 90 degrees and elbows bent at 90 degrees and my hands touching the floor (cactus pose while lying on my back).  Before the workshop, my hands would stop a few inches from the floor.  I’ve been trying to get my hands to touch the floor in that position for years and now I can get there any time I want.

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When we don’t maintain the stability through the core that we developed when we were babies, our bodies will create stability somewhere else — perhaps in the hips or the shoulders or the neck or even in several of those places at the same time.  Once we press reset and get back that stability through our core, the tension in the other areas can finally release; our bodies start moving again like they were designed to move.  It is quite exciting.  The energy at the workshop was palpable!

Check out these 50+ pics from the workshop. You can view the large slideshow here or SLOW CLICK the small slideshow below. If you click on any photo, you’ll see options to download the original to your computer.