Veggie Challenge

veggiesWe all know we should be eating more veggies.  I have a challenge for you, one that I took on and ended up with a recipe I’ll make again and again, I liked it that much.  Here’s the challenge:  this week, add two veggies that are new to you or at least ones you’ve rarely eaten.  I eat a lot of veggies – shooting for at least two servings per meal (and yes, that includes breakfast), however, they are usually the same ones over and over.  This challenge is a nice way to force yourself to branch out.   Given the time of year and the fact that I have eaten lots of different veggies in my life, I had to search a little for two that fit the challenge.  The two that I chose were kholrabi and collard greens.  So, the question then was what to do with them when I got home.  I Googled kholrabi and collard greens recipe and lo and behold there was one that incorporated both!  Hurrah!  I looked at the recipe, didn’t look too difficult and I had all the ingredients on hand.  Double hurrah!  I made the recipe and triple super duper hurrah!!! –  I loved it and my hubby did too (though my kids looked on with horror).  I’ve made it twice since then and plan on making it again today.  Take the veggie challenge and let me know what great recipes you find.

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