Need motivation to exercise?

First_20_Minutes-11-200x300In previous posts I’ve blogged about Gretchen Reynolds’ Phys. Ed. columns in The New York Times magazine.  She has recently written a book entitled The First 20 Minutes which I heard about through a Forza! client (thank you Rebecca!).  In this book Ms. Reynolds delves into the science of exercise, consulting experts from many different fields from physiology to neurobiology and sports.

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If you are looking for motivation to get you off the couch or to work exercise into your day no matter how busy you may be, I highly recommend you read this book.  If you are motivated by the positive, this book will give you plenty of ammo to convince you how much good exercise does the human body.  If you are motivated more by fear, it will provide you with many examples of the negative effects of inactivity for us that hopefully will act as a deterrent for you remaining sedentary.  Now if only it was offered as an audio book you could listen and exercise at the same time!

On a related note, I am off this weekend to attend a workshop called “Becoming Bulletproof” based on a book of the same title.  I know how important exercise is.  In this workshop I’ll be learning additional ways to help keep myself and my clients from getting injured so we can all continue to do the exercising our bodies need to do to stay healthy.  More on that when I return.