Forza Success Story!

I received this post from Robbie Wigley, one of my regulars in the Steady Strength group.  Thought you all might enjoy hearing her story.

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“As I sit here slowly typing… hunt and peck method I can take pause to be grateful for the 2 years I have spent in Gretchen’s Steady Strength class.  Here is why….  I was on an incredible vacation with my whole family…  really a once in a lifetime event that we had saved for 2 years for.  We went to an island paradise in the Caribbean called Vieques.  Two days into the trip I decided to try my hand at standing up on the “Stand Up Paddle Boards” we had rented.  I was good for about 2 minutes but went down on the board, rather then in the water, and severely fractured my arm at the wrist.  Now this doesn’t sound like something to be grateful for….  but here is the point.   I decided to continue my vacation with it splinted with the okay from my Ortho Doc here in the states.  I was able to get in and out of a kayak, a bath tub and do a lot of things that brought to my attention that I really was in control of my body because of the core strength I had developed.  The guy who was helping us with the kayak even told my son…  “get low and control your body as you get in the kayak…  like your Mom!   Plus I could get out too!  My point is that accidents happen…  but being stronger helps deal with the consequences and avoid any further injury.  Now to just get this monster cast off!”

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One thought on “Forza Success Story!

  1. Ah yes… I forgot to mention the Turkish Get Up… yes that one that we all moan about when Gretchen has us do them to warm up. Well I won’t be moaning any more. Thanks to the Turkish Get Up I can get out of the tub with out a crane. I can stand right up without pulling on anything and risking ripping the towel bar from the wall or pulling my husband into the tub with me. I just stand up… amazing.

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