Atlanta Falcons and FMS

There is a great article in Monday’s (Dec. 26th)  The New York Times about how the Atlanta Falcons are using the Functional Movement System to reduce their rate of injury and keep their players healthy.  The Falcons, who have been using the FMS for over three years, have one of the lowest number of games missed by players in the N.F.L. Currently, there are 8-10 professional football teams using this system created by physical therapists Gray Cook and Lee Burton.  Falcons’ General Manager Thomas Dimitroff describes it as “the wave of the future” in the N.F.L.

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When I did my training with Gray Cook in October, he talked about the use of his system in the N.F.L., but one of his goals in working with the professional teams is to get this system to filter down all the way to the high schools and middle schools and to the public in general so that people are building strength on functioning systems.  He talks a lot about “safe strength”.  Now, you may not need to keep healthy in order to maintain a professional sports contract, but isn’t it great to know you are working on building safe strength to keep you healthy for all the things you  need and love to do?

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