Have a great Memorial Weekend!

We are nearly half way through our current strength building and fat burning workout plan.  I hope you have noticed a difference in your strength.  I know I have, and I have watched all of you gaining confidence in using the bigger bells.  I may not always comment, but you can be sure I notice when you start doing the Turkish Get-Up with the next size up.  Those of you whose schedules have allowed for more consistency in your workouts have probably made greater strides, but I hope all of you are finding these workouts challenging and rewarding.  So on this Memorial Weekend, I hope you can get out and enjoy the great weather we are having and do something active.  After all, the reason we want to get stronger is to get more out of life!  Speaking of which, check out the new testimonials to see how Forza! is making a difference in the lives of two Northfielders.

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